Unicorn Companies are great, why not more?


Collectively, US unicorns are worth approximately $360B. Combined, these companies have raised just over $73B.

The United States is home to 105 unicorn companies valued at $1B+. As of 7/25/2017, six private US companies are worth over $10B. The two most valuable unicorns in the US are Uber ($68B) and Airbnb ($29.3B). Palantir Technologies and WeWork, both valued at $20B, are tied for third.

So why aren't there more? Jesse Adams explores this below:

Of the top four highest valued, only WeWork (which is based in NYC) is headquartered outside California. California has the highest unicorn “population” of any US state by far, with 62 billion-dollar startups inside its borders. New York ranks second with 15, followed by Massachusetts and Illinois with five each. Eight other states and the District of Columbia are also home to at least one company worth $1B+.

CBInsights: The United States Of Unicorns: Every US Company Worth $1B+ In One Map

Unicorns. What’s not to like? CBInsights put out a research brief on the 105 unicorn companies in the US. Privately held concerns worth over $1B. What woud it take to build more, in more states in the US, and also in countries around the world? Focus on big markets, big disruption, big profit, detailed planning, hard work, some luck, a great team, …improved efficiencies. Think about it.

Laura Levin